Jake & Dinos Chapman
Jake & Dinos Chapman
11 days left! 30% still needed! https://t.co/pKxZVpqxqG http://t.co/092xKNzi5q
RT @_WhiteCube: ‘The Good’, The Bad’ and ‘The Ugly’ by Jake & Dinos Chapman are on display in Golder’s Hill Park in London http://t.co/nHmmuPZdkt
Donate £450 and get this print! Edition of 50 and only 26 left! https://t.co/pKxZVpqxqG http://t.co/JRyzqjxcSv
RT @jerwoodgallery: Chapman Bros loo roll has been designed! Get your hands on one for £60 donation. #ArtHappens http://t.co/WmyibA6cj9 http://t.co/fdMPG2mrtC
RT @artfund: Update from @jerwoodgallery: a sneak peek at the @JakeandDinos loo roll – yours if you donate £60! http://t.co/UEWC8tIiop #arthappens
RT @artfund: Give £100 to @jerwoodgallery’s #arthappens project, and get tickets to @JakeandDinos’ opening night – 3 places left! http://t.co/dzOGme5B6d
Watch & donate : Art Happens: A major exhibition of the Chapman Brothers at Jerwood Gallery: http://t.co/m1c64uiJ0q via @YouTube
Get involved https://t.co/pKxZVpqxqG
RT @artsemergency: OMG! @JakeChapmaniac has created the MOST AMAZING COVER ART for our @guideguardian edition. Coming soon!! <3 http://t.co/V4nVVmVRmD
BBC News - Chapman Brothers plan tattoo parlour for Hastings http://t.co/8GfRMgzvWS